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Kenya is a country in mid-life crisis; I have heard they that understand what a Mid Life crisis is say. I still have some years before I get into the dip of middle life ages but I guess, going by my experience as a Kenya, I bet I understand what this middle life crisis is.

Currently in Kenya, everything looks normal yet it is not normal. We seem to be progressing and yet not. We seem to have achieved yet not. We seem to have put dictatorship before us and yet not. We seem to have liberated ourselves from tribal dominion and yet not.  The Uhuruto government is very promising; but just as it promises greatness, it also seems to have seeds of destruction. We seem to have broken from the past and yet the status quo seems intact.

One of the things that gives us much hope is the new constitution. However, the constitution in itself are just papers and words on the papers. The operationalization of the constition is dependent on the operational bills passed by parliament, the good will in t…