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Being an African mother

Recently we celebrated mothers day. It is easy to say happy mother's day. But as being a mother is an awesome thing in the African context, it is also terrible! Here are my wacky observations on being an African mother:-
1. Among the Africans sexuality is the responsibility of the woman. Men do anything and act in stupid ways but in the end it is the woman's fault. A man will have many women and he is a hero but a lady who has been with a few known men is a kinyangarika bure kabisa.

2. Among the Africans, no man is barren; so all women have to be fertile by all means! For any woman among the Africans, finding a way to become a mother is mandatory irrespective of the man's capacity.

3. Pregnancy is the responsibility of the woman. Men pay little or not attention to pregnancy and the need of the pregnant woman. No wonder you will see a 8th month pregnant woman with a jembe on a farm!

4. Choice of a child's sex is the mother's role. Therefore, a woma…