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Food Psychology

The sage says, despise the free lunch. The wise one says, they that eat together live together. I have noticed that food is a great measure of relationships.

Look, do not trust a poor man or woman when he or she says he has not appetite. No, to a poor man or woman lack of appetite is only when already full, when the food is bad e.g. rotten or when the man or woman is sick.

When a poor African woman says she has no appetite, if not sick, then often it is passive resistance. She is either frustrated, angry or in dire need of the husband's attention.

A poor African man will never lack appetite. No, actually a poor African man never gets satisfied until the food is over on the plate. When a poor African man has no appetite, either truly he is about to die of a sickness, has already eaten or truly hates the one who prepared the food.

I realize our grandmothers taught our mothers that the way to a man's heart is through the stomach. For all the intelligent African women, they monito…