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The funny of the Poets

I have met them,
They who comouflage in all shades and colors
I met them
They that spoke of the word superfluously

Oh the poets,
Masters of cooking like the pots
They weave all dots and spots
Muttering, sputtering, they fire accusation shots

A poets world,
Virgin with imagination like unadulterated maidens
Running wild with hormonal thrusts
Expressive of all, both warm and cold

I have met them, in their dramatization
I have watched their suspense
I have seen the sentimentalization
I witnessed their emotional simulations

Not only do they personalize,
They speak with onomatopoeic finesse
They not only satirize,
Armed with apt imagery, they eschatologically serialize

The Irony is abundant,
Funny when the poet believes the act
The show becomes repugnant
Funny like the cloth man's penchant

The clothe people are good at personification
In Anthropomorphic feats of simplification,
They create emotional states from imagery worthy indignation
Then they seek in others, absolute state amplifi…

I Met a Thief

On the surreal virtual space, on social media, Under the idle, whispering thunder of updates ,
Before the growling, ever typing lads,
I met a thief, who guessed I had
An innocent heart for him to steal. He took my hand and led me under
The intimate waxed words which reverberated
The shiny praises in the bleeding words.
He jumped and plucked the fantasy for me to share ;
He sang and laughed and pressed close I gazed: his hair was like the wool of a mountain sheep,
His eyes, a pair of blazing fiery balls.
Heavy and stark as steel
His legs, arms and neck,
a hairy, pillowy chest
And staircase steps- a curvy dominant six pack;
His throat uttered fresh banana juice
Matching his face - smooth and chiselled fine Well polished shoes and a matching belt
The hound, stark reminder of Juakali endowment
Twirling a magical car key,
Spitting the Queen's lingua like a true sikh
He communicated the confidence, just like the comfortable man I touched - but long before I even tasted
My heart had flowed from me into his…

Dear African Sun

Dear African sun
Dear godly son of the unseen
Dear holy daughter of heavens
Dear grand father of life and seas Hear me oh ancient warmth
Hear me divine providence sheath
Listen sustainer of all growth
Understand me kiss of strength Where are you my love?
How my body misses the caress of your rays
How are you godly slave?
How your distance slays our senses Come back African sun
Draw close sweet friend, don't be gloomy
I implore you African warmth, without pun
Smile again and put the cold to shame