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In this age of social media, many are engaged in argumentation. People are arguing over everything and nothing in particular. All day long, on twitter, facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, on blogs etc, people are arguing. It is good that people argue. The only problem with social media is that it only advances opinion. There are not enough moderation avenues to ensure that discussion are logical, based on facts and add value; enlightening. Consequently, people are only advancing hard-line stands, biases, oversights, stereotypes, gossip and half truths.  In all this, it is important that individuals ask themselves several questions. One such critical question is "Why do you argue?"
a. To satisfy your ego?
b. To share your views?
c. To offer a different perspective
d. To show that you are learned
e. To pass time, for fun
f. To impress others?
g. Just because you can argue? Argumentation is an art. Good argumentation requires training and experience. Choose argumentation contests wisely, it ta…