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History and Political Evolution of Kenya

00## – 1400s: From the Congo basin, from the Middle East and from wherever, migrating communities settle in what is modern day Kenya and start to develop nations. Some recognizable nations included western Bantu nations, eastern Bantu nations, plain Nilotes, river lake Nilotes, other Nilotes and Cushites. Each nation had a system of governance. Some had council of elders, others chief priests and others royal kings and queens. Some farmed, some herded, and some fished while others survived on craft and trade. The geography and topology offered only two challenges i.e. diseases and warring neighbors. Therefore, most communities developed only a number of trades i.e. medicine men to deal with disease, blacksmiths to makes spears for wars and tools for farming and hunting, craftsmen who developed decorative items for celebrations and for fun. The dense forests and rich lands had abundant provisions and our people were satisfied. In satisfaction, idly theories were developed…