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Team Weta, Battle on Numbers in Home Stretch

I chose to support Deam Weda mpaka kwa Tepe in this by-election. This was informed by the realization that what the gods have ordained, it is not for man to Judge. Like him or hate him, the gods have conspired and it is Weda's (read Weta if you are not a bukusu like me), to reign supreme in Luhya land or at least in Bukusuland.

There are those, TeamMakali, who claim they need fresh blood. They are jilted in their beliefs because they do not appreciate reality as it is. In thinking, we should always be careful to reconcile the ideal with the real. This election was not for a first comer like Makali.

TeamKombo and sympathizers claim we should be in government, but they fail to demonstrate what we will get from government by voting in an old NFK senator. We have an NFK governor but we have not seen any surprises or anything to write home owing to that. They accuse Wetangula for tying us to a man who has killed Luhya unity and politics. These accusers  are not so well informed people …