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Friendship, Help in Need and Expectations

Today, everywhere I look, it is #Fakefriends and #RipAchiengAbura. We should know why we have friends and we should also know that help is highly psychological and it does not just come. 
Some friends are purely drinking buddies Some friends are only so because they are work mates Some friends are friends because we enjoy banter or mshene together Some friends are friends because we enjoy arguing together, we have a similar political persuasion or we hail from same village. Some friends are friends purely because we support the same football team All these are friends and they are good to have in your life. Celebrate them and thank God for their presence in your life.
But there are friends who are friends because we stand by each other. Such are the friends you have to know and invest your everything in. Yes, the friends you go to when you are broke and they have the courage to lend you that 500 Kshs.
However, even as we want friends who can help us, let us remember that human beings…