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Please Raila and Uhuru, Remember Agenda Four

Dear Baba Raila and Ndugu Uhuru We call you baba because we really have this misguided notion that you care about us the way a father cares about his children. I think what we forget is you are a typical Kenyan father. A typical Kenyan father is one to whom what matters is that he is the sperm donor and matters of nurture are only but a secondary necessary evil, which they would happily pass whenever they get the opportunity. Individuals like me have never voted for any other president but Raila. It is sad that our trust may have come to naught because rather than seek creative and diplomatic ways of putting Kenyans on a path to posterity, Raila remains part of the problem. The problem in Kenya is: brinkmanship, posturing, impunity and callous disregard for the welfare of ordinary Kenyans by the leaders. Uhuru was seen by many as a possible game changer in Kenyas history. He is from a "royal family" both politically and economically. The hope would have been that the politic…