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I know no more than Sad

I sit in silence and watch the path! Silent path, oh dead path! I ask, why can't the path warn? I sit and watch the path disappear into the yonder I know no more than sad
I feel my heart melt of the tenderness My feet seem wobbly without firmness My dream of yesteryear fades steadily I look into tomorrow warily I know no more than sad
The choice of path was made The force of the choice as said The tenacity of the force reigned But time and time again having failed I know no more than sad
As the momentous sadness slips away As I zealously tuck into a corner to pray As I turn on and off all the false rays I fear by choices, all the hopes to slay I know no more than sad
The candle before me flickers on The flame dances and shakes to some song The life I have, without me, slithers on The only memory is the empty groan I know nothing more than sad!
Oh life of bountiful choices Oh choices of painful consequences How I wish to ever ground my senses Oh to walk the path with lenses For I to know more than sadness!

Witchcraft, Spiritualism, Ritualism and Well-being!!

If you have not grappled with the question of witchcraft, you have not lived in Africa. African traditional Religion (ATR) in all its forms was about witchcraft, spirits, rituals and wellbeing. Modern religious movements are also about those things.

On witchcraft, as part of my social anthropology education, I considered as many traditional societies as possible. I came to the conclusion, witchcraft must have been real. But considering individual acts of witchcraft, many appeared to be belief based; more of self prophecy. Conclusion: you can live a full life by ignoring witchcraft stories.

On spiritualism, all people seem to believe in spirits. Some believe there are spirits following them all around; whether your spirit form is an ancestor, an angel, satanic element or some godly element, I personally do not know whether to believe in any such or not. In ATR, everything had a spiritual cause. So disease and wellness was attributed to spirits. In world religions, the same belief seems t…

Single Parenthood, Love and Marriage

Single parents are on the increase due to many factors. Divorce and separation rates are high, death deprives some of partners, Casual sex without commitment, high rates of teenage pregnancy due to watoto kumea pembe; all lead to single parenthood.

There are many single mothers than single Fathers. Irrespective of the cause of single parenthood, it is not an easy experience. More worse than financial and emotional struggle is social stigma associated with single parenthood; especially motherhood due to children out of wedlock.

Here on BD, people continue to express all manner of sentiments on Nasikoko. Nasikoko strictly means those who got pregnant out of wedlock and the divorced or separated. I personally believe all individuals deserve to find love and the partners they deserve. But young girl and young boy, do all you can to avoid having children out of wedlock.

If you are a single parent, these are the questions a person will consider before they commit to loving you
1. What was cause…