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To our Senator! As you go to sleep with a smile on your mind, we join you in celebration. However, as good supporters, we will not let you sleep and just sleep. You fought a good fight in the by-election and now you have been handed a honorary sword; a double edged sword.

The sword handed to Wetangula glitters with pregnant expectations and high public enthusiasm. This is great and worthy celebrating but a few issues have to be written on a tablet and laid before our eyes daily as we chart the path to tomorrow

1. In the general election, many of us supported Wetangula simply because he was CORDED

2. In the by-election, Wetangula trashed Kombo because of good campaigns but largely due to the anti-jubilee sentiment

3. The Luhya nation wants a leader or coalition that will give them a rationally practical opportunity to be in government and enjoy the fruits of being in government

4. The Luhya nation has suffered enough from lack of singular direction as witnessed in the late political li…