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1. marriage is a voluntary institution and marrying is a matter of choice
2. The worth of a man or woman is not defined by his or her marital status; marriage is an institution for procreation and companionship thus personal.
3. Whoever finds a good wife or husband finds a good thing, let all endeavor to find their rib and live happily ever after
4. Poverty is sexually transmitted and marriage and its related responsibilities have been a poverty trap for many. Only marry young when you have a game plan.
5. In marriage like in any other relationship, age is just a number. What matters is the heart to heart connection between the couple and taking care of menopause complications.
6. Being older or old is not synonymous with damaged goods. I know many 30 year old girls who have been late in marrying because they have been preoccupied in education halls or career pursuits. While I know 20 year olds who have been used or misused sexually and are into all manner of life threatening addictions
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The banking amendment bill 2015 will help ensure the following:- -Full disclosure by banks so that consumers make informed decision -Predictable rates because one can always know the maximum interest chargeable on a loan at whatsoever bank once one knows the base lending rate set by CBK -Deposits will attract interest of not less than 7.5%
Based on the foregoing, enough conspiracies, myths and fear mongering is ongoing. Some of the key misleading statements being peddled are thus:-
-Capital flight – the straight jacket economists are dreading the flight of capital from our economy as banks invest elsewhere where rates are arbitrary. While such a possibility exists, it is highly unlikely because cheap loans also mean more loan volumes and thus more profits on volumes for creative banks -Low interest rates mean more applicants thus not all will get loans. This is not true; the banks have billions that the market cannot deplete considering that there are other requirements like collateral or s…