To our Senator! As you go to sleep with a smile on your mind, we join you in celebration. However, as good supporters, we will not let you sleep and just sleep. You fought a good fight in the by-election and now you have been handed a honorary sword; a double edged sword.

The sword handed to Wetangula glitters with pregnant expectations and high public enthusiasm. This is great and worthy celebrating but a few issues have to be written on a tablet and laid before our eyes daily as we chart the path to tomorrow

1. In the general election, many of us supported Wetangula simply because he was CORDED

2. In the by-election, Wetangula trashed Kombo because of good campaigns but largely due to the anti-jubilee sentiment

3. The Luhya nation wants a leader or coalition that will give them a rationally practical opportunity to be in government and enjoy the fruits of being in government

4. The Luhya nation has suffered enough from lack of singular direction as witnessed in the late political life of Wamalwa Kijana

5. The Luhya nation strongly desires a leader with charisma and dexterity to take on other national leaders in a way that Luhyas are not seen as a weaker political constituency

6. Wetangula was voted for in the by-election on grounds that he will bring home the bigger things Mudavadi and Eugine could not

Therefore, as Wetangula relishes the great win, the overwhelming support received, this is his greatest political trap. He has to die to himself and be reborn.... this means that he will have to forget himself and with all his passion, all that he has, seek to work in the interest of the populace.

Wetangula is in a fix because

1. Raila might be going for another jab at presidency in 2017 (Wetangula and other Luhya leaders in CORD have to work tooth and nail to prevent or prepare for such an eventuality)

2. Mudavadi and AMANI camp will either go for presidency or join with TNA or URP should Ruto Bolt out of Jubilee (Ruto bolting out at the end of term and seeking an alliance is highly likely, if he has hopes of becoming president of Kenya)

3. CORD may want Line Up to remain as it was in 2013; given Kalonzo Musyoka may not have practical chances away from an alliance with Raila and yet Luhyas expect one of their own on the presidential ballot
4.Mudavadi is now too bitter to consider working with Wetangula; ego battles

All in all, politics is dynamic and scenarios change every day. In the murky political waters, one can never rest but has to keep on scanning the horizon and laying down strategies and counter-strategies. Majority of voters in 2017 will be dot.com generation like me and digital generation like lads born in 1997 when I was in class 8 at the 'famous' Talitia primary school.To the dot-com or digital generations, telling them about heroics of Raila is like telling tales of Ludwig krapf. The stories are interesting and to some entertaining but they just do not mean anything tangibly moving. The dot.com and Digital generation want a dream, a vision or a big picture they can hook in. They want to visualize the great life a head of them and how politics would deliver that. So, Wetangula should not count on Raila brand remaining the big thing in Kenyan politics; save for political history classes.

Away from National Political Considerations, Mr. Senator, I hope you do not confuse things. It is the people of Bungoma County that have elected you and they want you to represent them. So far, they youth are crying that their voice has been neglected when it comes to county programs, county jobs and county strategies. The governor is great, and we still kind of trust he will surprise us. However, a lot remains to be desired. Therefore, do your national dance but just remember to always connect with the grassroots; your stronghold. Be a unifying figure rather than a divisive figure. Lest it happens again that Raila comes to drum up support for you from among your people rather than you being Raila's point man.


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