Food Psychology

The sage says, despise the free lunch. The wise one says, they that eat together live together. I have noticed that food is a great measure of relationships.

Look, do not trust a poor man or woman when he or she says he has not appetite. No, to a poor man or woman lack of appetite is only when already full, when the food is bad e.g. rotten or when the man or woman is sick.

When a poor African woman says she has no appetite, if not sick, then often it is passive resistance. She is either frustrated, angry or in dire need of the husband's attention.

A poor African man will never lack appetite. No, actually a poor African man never gets satisfied until the food is over on the plate. When a poor African man has no appetite, either truly he is about to die of a sickness, has already eaten or truly hates the one who prepared the food.

I realize our grandmothers taught our mothers that the way to a man's heart is through the stomach. For all the intelligent African women, they monitor their men from how he eats her food. When all is okay, the man eats with passion and abandon. The man will eat in a mesmerizing manner with a song of praise dancing on his shiny brow. As the sheaths of sweat like two rivers stream down the square cheeky bones, the man will mutter and groan in the pleasure of diving into a sumptuous meal.

When things are not okay, when the man's ego is more than he appreciates the woman, he does not eat. He just touches the food and pushes it all away. The philandering man often comes home having eaten from the pot of the woman whose juices he now prefers. A man who does not feel the woman has no appetite for the woman's food. He struggles to eat the food and will by all means find fault with the food

Good friends will always find it satisfying and gratifying to grab a bite together. Good friends will spend anything to enjoy a drink or a meal with their friend. In the face of an enemy food becomes difficult to swallow. A person one does not like makes food tasteless; and one eats a whole plate without taste buds telling him or her anything about the feel of the food.

Masters at influence will always want to induce compliance to their whims or whimpers through a meal or drink. Those who want favors also must find the power in making the request over a meal or a drink. Just like sex, though not often talked about, food is a potent tool used by those seeking favors. To enjoy a meal with one requires breaking a barrier and allowing them enter a moment of commune.

There you are, go enjoy food with your loved one. life will be better!!!


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