1. marriage is a voluntary institution and marrying is a matter of choice
2. The worth of a man or woman is not defined by his or her marital status; marriage is an institution for procreation and companionship thus personal.
3. Whoever finds a good wife or husband finds a good thing, let all endeavor to find their rib and live happily ever after
4. Poverty is sexually transmitted and marriage and its related responsibilities have been a poverty trap for many. Only marry young when you have a game plan.
5. In marriage like in any other relationship, age is just a number. What matters is the heart to heart connection between the couple and taking care of menopause complications.
6. Being older or old is not synonymous with damaged goods. I know many 30 year old girls who have been late in marrying because they have been preoccupied in education halls or career pursuits. While I know 20 year olds who have been used or misused sexually and are into all manner of life threatening addictions
7. Happy is the single man or woman who has control over his or her sexuality than a philandering married man or woman. There are many suffering in this world because they are married to stupid children not in age but in mind
8. Marriage is responsibility because children, hopefully, will be coming. Only a stupid man or woman has children simply because he or she can have children. Children have to be planned for.... for many of you from poor families, take your time and become a person worth of being a dad or mum then marry or get married
9. There are all manner of myths about children born when parents are in 20s etc.... do no worry even at 40 you will have proper children.... if I am lying tell me at what age was Kenyatta when he bore Uhuru
10. Do not worry about children and fees when you are 50 years old. What matters is how you have prepared yourself. If you invest properly, your children (hopefully) not more than 2 will have better opportunities than the man who saddled himself in responsibilities because he wants to be free in his 50s.

By the way, I have learnt the hard way that it pays to identify a girl or man to marry when you are still in your early 20s and grow with her into a union progressively. Single life is challenging and for men as you grow older, the younger girls you come across can not connect with you at your level. As for women, it becomes more difficult meeting a mature eligible bachelor that is ready for a union with you. Insecurity drives eligible bachelors away or you are considered as damaged goods. Those attracted to such a mature women have to be way older men in their 40s and 50s or young men looking for a sugar mummy or cougar.  He he, so considering such then I would advocate for early unions. However, love happens even in 50s, it all depends on open mindedness and willingness at heart


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