1.      In 2017 Uhuru will be carrying the burden of incumbency and all unfulfilled dreams will be credited to him by Kenyans

2.      If he succeeds to halt The Hague cases or gets them differed, the ICC issue will be a major campaign platform in 2017. However, unlike in 2013 when it worked to his advantage, Kenyans know that ICC trials are no longer a personal matter. Actually, the president is using the country as hostage against ICC onslaught

3.      There is a high possibility of Ruto beginning to feel jitters about his position in Jubilee and the likelihood of being a credible presidential candidate one day. The more time goes by, the more Ruto’s supporters will want more; some excitement, some surprise

4.      There is a likelihood of Uhuru manages to frustrate his case while that of Ruto drags on. The case of Walter Barasa being used by the Deputy President only makes matters worse for the DP. That will be the beginning of mistrust and sense of betrayal leading to a schism along the already drawn 50/50 line in Jubilee

5.      There is likelihood that the tyranny of numbers strategy will not work once again. It worked in the 2013 elections because CORD did not realize the loopholes in its strategy. Will CORD be caught napping once again? Well as long as institutions remain compromised and CORD does not use judiciary and parliament to promote electoral sanity; the status quo may not change. But if we change, the tyranny of numbers will not work in 2017

6.      There is likelihood of fallout among those who supported the Jubilee presidential bid. The recent perceived demotion of Francis Kimemia is just a beginning.

7.      There is likelihood of the professional cabinet secretaries being overwhelmed and exposing the president Naked. How, they are not engaging the public in a way that adds value to the Jubilee Regime brand. There is a vacuum in the chain of command; especially in interacting and communicating the Jubilee dream to the Public

8.      Tribalism and tribal appointments to major public offices will sustain the anti-Kikuyu sentiment even in 2017. There is a feeling that only Kikuyu have experience and are qualified enough to be appointed to any serious government position.

9.      Uhuru has happily pushed the question of land and historical injustices under the carpet. The TJRC 2013 report and how it is implemented will be a major bone for political jibes in 2017. The question of land is not going away, especially if the solution promised by Uhuru remains the title deeds to air (small portions) of land that coastarians received.

10.  The lies that brought Uhuru into power have been busted. They lied that Raila was keeping them at the ICC. They lied that Raila only knows vitendawili. Come 2017, we wonder if all they have will be attacks on Raila. If that will be the case, their goose will be smoking burnt.

The only hope for Uhuru lies in the fact that the opposition in Kenya is in shambles and Kenyans are not interested in truth but lies that massage their egos. The opposition is in Shambles because they are not united by any other ideology rather than desire to be the ones eating. The likelihood that Raila will be on the ballot will disenchant the likes of Kalonzo sending them to Uhuru's doorsteps. Additionally, Ruto may actually find refuge in the better half a loaf than nothing adage and stick with Uhuru.


  1. Stephen, you give your verdict on my post and back it up with valid argumentation. That would be helpful.

  2. I think Uhuru will win but by a very narrow margin. The elections are in December 2017 and its possible most of the projects outlined will be done or nearly done. Raila is a great guy but has no development agenda to speak off. Uhuru has also captured the minds of the youth and Wetangula is too bullish to be a running mate.

  3. True...uhuru is mostly interested in developement and growth of economy in kenya ....unlike other running mates


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