The truth is that despite social pressure and hullabaloo about broke ass men all that most women will have to contend with are broke ass men. Unless someone was born rich, all men working through normal channels have to survive as broke ass men until they are about 40 years of age. Dear broke ass men; here are the commandments you should take to heart.
1.      You shall love yourself and never allow women of borrowed status to bruise your ego; women who have struggled and earned a status value the struggle. Women whose status is sexually transmitted are very mouthy about broke ass men.

2.      You shall not date above your class; unless she is a real sweet girl, never attempt dating a girl that is of a higher class - you  will be courting high blood pressure

3.      You shall not date a kiruka njia; there are many women who have not standards and the best they can do in life is play men, avoid them like a plague

4.      You shall not spend without a budget; whenever and when you date, always have and stick strictly to the budget

5.      You shall Commit thyself to higher ideals and continuous improvement; do not just sell empty visions but work on modalities towards making yourself worthy of those dreams

6.      You shall develop  and abide by a healthy dating routine; do not go for excursions simply because others go, have your own routine that suits your pockets

7.      You shall live within your means; there will always be men who are doing better than you at all times in life. Accept and move on; do not go on a urinating competition with an elephant

8.      You shall not marry for the sake of marrying or kill other people’s daughter’s dreams through reckless behavior. Poverty is sexually transmitted; be careful that you do not get into more poverty because of your sexual urges.

9.      You shall not lie or live a lie for the sake of women; be true to yourself because the more you lie and pass off as someone you are not, the bigger the hole of trouble you dig for yourself

10.  You shall not covet other people’s things or another man’s wife; it is not valid that a man dreams of becoming rich through sugar mummies, cougars and adulterous wives. Just work hard, save, save and save then invest.


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