I know no more than Sad

I sit in silence and watch the path!
Silent path, oh dead path!
I ask, why can't the path warn?
I sit and watch the path disappear into the yonder
I know no more than sad

I feel my heart melt of the tenderness
My feet seem wobbly without firmness
My dream of yesteryear fades steadily
I look into tomorrow warily
I know no more than sad

The choice of path was made
The force of the choice as said
The tenacity of the force reigned
But time and time again having failed
I know no more than sad

As the momentous sadness slips away
As I zealously tuck into a corner to pray
As I turn on and off all the false rays
I fear by choices, all the hopes to slay
I know no more than sad

The candle before me flickers on
The flame dances and shakes to some song
The life I have, without me, slithers on
The only memory is the empty groan
I know nothing more than sad!

Oh life of bountiful choices
Oh choices of painful consequences
How I wish to ever ground my senses
Oh to walk the path with lenses
For I to know more than sadness!


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