Tree Philosophy

I walked down the tiny path
A path that weaved down into an abyssal sheath
Covered on either side of the breadth
I could feel the trees breathe

I felt one and the same,
I am a tree, a tree I am
I felt the wisdom of the tree come
I am a live, for the tree same

Oh, the powerful mkhonge tree
Swaying its branches announcing it's free
I was send into a random thought spree
As I listened to the whispers of the Oak tree

See, life is life; all should know that
For us trees, life is all that
We care not about hustle and strife
Because our existence is only about life

Silently, the roots anchor and search
Quietly the branches extend and reach
Efficiently the leaves suck the sun and breathe
Insidiously, through unique and special we create

We go up and sway in the breezy winds
In gales of storms we find strength in numbers
We have never cared about the straights
In in the face of others we coil into one canopy of curls

The monkeys come, they eat and defecate
We turn their excretes into food for another day
The goats come, feed and urinate
We turn the urine into food for another day

Look, even man comes
We are man's best friend by all reasons
How we purify air and provide for the rains
Look he finds shed when the sun furiously shines

It does not matter what a creature does
We shall not fret or fill the air with cries
It does not matter when a member of our body leaves
We are just here, all that matters is our lives

Look oh human life, tree life is life
It matters to have well anchored roots
As long as roots are anchored in firm truths
You can live and let others have their life

As long as the leaves can sprout
The insects and birds can come and burrow a home
Let man come and carry branches for his house
As long as roots are not uprooted


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