Doctors and Professors are the intelligentsia that should see beyond petty and short term. If they really care we should see them engage on systemic things that help us answer a question like "when did a salary of 40, 000 plus allowances per month for use by one household become peanuts"?
A sick intelligentsia is one only seeing black and white and no grey. CBA or no CBA, the good of all sectors of this economy are tied to having a healthy economy. A healthy economy by all standards is characterized by patient labour. Patient labour is one whose demands, hence the wage bill, do not impede growth and development. While respecting the sanctity of CBA, it pays to appreciate that they are negotiated within contexts and by people whose appreciation of wider socioeconomic issues may be limited.
The sickness began with Mpigs astronomically increasing their salaries, MCAs followed cue, teachers followed then lectures and doctors; not forgetting civil servants waiting on the line. They like the Kabura of corrupt fame care not as long as money can line their accounts.
The truth is, a few years down the line unless petro dollars from Turkana come to our aid, there will be a tight financial crunch in Kenya.
Lenders will worry about our bulging debt, most industries will be collapsing, workers will be retrenched, insecurities will be high because of the many desperate ones against the few wealthy ones
Well I know about trickle down and it never works when elites amass among themselves and for themselves. An MCA and MP earning big as per Kenyan norms maybe understood because of the welfare burden that politicians carry. An MCA earns 300, 000 but has over 40, 000 villagers demanding that he/she meets their individual needs but also aggressively contributes to community initiatives. A doctor or professor earns 500000 only to spend it making his or her children obese or taking them for international education at Cambridge. Clearly, using trickle down as a measure, doctors and professors are not qualified agents in comparison to MCA. If the argument is MCAs are not intelligent, then let us get laws going for higher education standard or let the academician out-compete in fair contest using their high IQs.
Generally, trickle down is a bad basis for higher salaries. In development thinking, there is what is reffed to as the "Kenyan Debate".... Can the emergency of a local bourgeoisie lead to socioeconomic transformation. The answer is simply NO. Accumulation and acquisition has to have in itself an necessary egalitarian or redistributive component. Otherwise we only create system ya ujambazi!


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